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GSB Konkani Dictionary

Friday 8 December 2006

Shri Nithyanand Rao has sent in an excel spreadsheet with around 340 words, arranged and categorised in the most meticulous manner.
These words were collected by Shri Nithyanand during an exercise undertaken in the 'konkani2 yahoo group'.

Wednesday 15 November 2006

The GSB Konkani Dictionary is growing at a steady pace.
Today it has 328 words.
Most of these words have been categorised semantically.

Thursday 2 March 2006

2006 is going to be an year for more studies esp dealing with linguistics.
ITRANS skills need updating too.
Also debating whether Devanagari is sufficient as a script to write down Amchigele words. It definitely is not. However it is definitely a lot better than the roman script.
Looks like 2006 is going to be an year of consolidation, a kind of 1st gear, before the project gathers steam.

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