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Tuesday 9 January 2007

GSB Konkani Dictionary - Crosses 1000 words milestone

Dear amchigele ba.ndhavaas,

The online GSB Konkani dictionary now has over 1000 words due to the blessings of the community. This significant milestone was achieved today.

More details (including the words) can be found at:

Do continue contributing.

jai ko.nkaNi, jai samaja

devu bare koro

Roshan Pai Ramesh
Orkut Community: Amchigele - Language Research

The contributors list as of today is as follows:
GRAND TOTAL 1011 word(s)
Nithyanand Rao 340 word(s)
Roshan Pai 114 word(s)
K Ramesh Pai 98 word(s)
Satyanath Bhat 83 word(s)
Prashanth G Kamath 63 word(s)
Rashmi G Bhat 60 word(s)
Sumanth Kamath 46 word(s)
Ratna Bai 44 word(s)
Manu Pai 41 word(s)
Shyamala Pai 31 word(s)
Krishna Rao 19 word(s)
Vishwanath Kini 13 word(s)
Sihi Kamath 12 word(s)
Gopinath Bhat 12 word(s)
Namita Das 5 word(s)
Madhu Pai 4 word(s)
Ramanath Pai 4 word(s)
Sudhir Kodkani 3 word(s)
Rahul Gelani 3 word(s)
Yugal Kumar 3 word(s)
Arvind Hebbar 3 word(s)
Rohit Kumta 2 word(s)
Daya Shreehari 2 word(s)
Sandeep Pai 2 word(s)
Viral Prabhu 1 word(s)
Manoj Kini 1 word(s)
Subhas Bhat 1 word(s)
Deepa Iyer 1 word(s)

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