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Tuesday 27 February 2007

Online GSB Konkani Dictionary - Update (4000 plus words)

Dear amchigele baa.ndhavaas,

Thanks to community members, a lot of progress has been made by the community project since the last update. (courtesy mostly of members and moderators of our beloved amchigeleuae group)

In a nut shell the major updates are as follows:

1. The project now has an astounding 4000 plus words in the dictionary and more words are being added on a regular basis.

2. A new 'Kannada' script for Amchigele konkani page has been added
(However this page is still in 'BETA' and needs more work on it. Veena Shanbhogue has been reviewing these pages in great detail and forwarding the corrections)
(Do note that Kannada Script for Konkani is being provided for reference purposes only. The main script for Konkani will remain devanaagri)

3. A new 'AMCHIGELE KONKANI: PROVERBS, METAPHORS, IDIOMS & EUPHEMISMS' section has been compiled, from the 'Proverbs & Sayings' contributions made in the group.
This page now has over 350 entries. Contributions are from Veena Shanbhogue, Udyavara Suresh Kamath, Sabitha Shenoy, Archana Mallya ,Sheshagiri Shenoy & Srikanth Mallya.

Ofcourse you can go to each of the above pages by navigating from the main page i.e

Note: (Fonts for Kannada & Devanaagri) If you can't view the Kannada or Devanaagri fonts you need to do the following
1. Devanaagri: These fonts can be downloaded from the BBC Hindi website at . Click on the 'Hindi Font Download' link on this page and follow the steps to install devanaagri fonts.
2. Kannada: These fonts can be downloaded from link. Click on the image and install the software.
Both the websites bbc and baraha are well known and reliable sites.
Please try the above two methods till Udyavara Suresh Kamath and I can come up with a concrete solution for the fonts issue. Windows Vista operating system thankfully installs 'Indic' fonts by default.

Please pass on your comments / suggestions on the project. And ofcourse do keep your word contributions going !!!

jai ko.nkaNi !!! jai samaaja !!!

devu bare koro !!!

Roshan Pai
"Amchigele Konkani - Some day our language will get the respect it truly deserves."

1 comment:

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