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Sunday 27 April 2008

Dr S M Tadkodkar - An Introduction

Dr S M Tadkodkar, will be penning a few articles for the 'SaveMyLanguage' project. The articles pertain to the Konkani language & the Konkani People.

He is an author of 18 books (5 of them in Konkani) and is a recipient of many awards.

He is 55 years old and has been working as an university teacher in Goa University since 1994.

While his forte is poetry, his passion is research in the area of 17th century Konkani and Marathi literature.

He uses the pseudonym Su. Ma. Tadkod while contributing to literary writing in Konkani & Marathi.

A list Konkani books penned by him are as follows:

१. कोंकणी समीक्षण : तत्त्व आनी प्रयोग, केदार प्रकाशन, गोंय, १९८५
२. र० वि० पण्डित : व्यक्ती आनी साहित्य, गोवा कोंकणी अकादेमी, गोंय, २००६, (कोंकणी साहित्याचे शिल्पकार ग्रंथमाला क्रमांक तीन)
३. कथा-अरुण (सम्पादन- अरुण सीताराम सिनाय सिंगबाळ हांच्यो कोंकणी कथा), गोवा कोंकणी अकादेमी, गोंय, २००७,
४. एक कृश्ण कळी, केदार प्रकाशन, गोंय, २००७,
५. पांयजेल, केदार प्रकाशन, गोंय, २००८

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